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If every brand I work with believes their product or service has a positive impact on how we live our lives, however big or small, then together I believe we can make a great difference.

My Story

Studying design at Kingston University meant creative thinking was never confined to just graphics, and this taught me to think conceptually, seeking creative solutions in all kinds of unexpected ways. 

I took my craft-driven approach to work in some of the world’s most renowned creative agencies; gaining experience across multiple creative disciplines, producing solutions that pushed the boundaries, as well as working on cultural projects and exhibitions. I have always been passionate about discovering new creative processes — an innovative artist or designer to collaborate with, a way technology can evolve an idea, or thinking of extraordinary ways to approach an everyday problem.

I was lucky enough to be awarded at Cannes, D&AD, New York Festivals, Creative Review and Design Week and although succeeding creatively was rewarding, the lifestyle this created wasn’t. When the work/life balance in London tipped in the wrong direction, I ventured to Australia. Here I experienced first hand the importance of being mindful about self-care and how small lifestyle changes and adjusting what our bodies consume along with innovative approaches, can make a big difference to our health and enrich our lives. 

Building a new life without familiarity isn’t easy, and I learned the importance of surrounding ourselves with the right kind of people; positive people who empower and uplift. People who make life better.

This applies to my work too. I connect with brands that pioneer new ways to allow us to live better lives — forward-thinking brands, that are sowing the seeds of positive change and enhancing the lives of others and the world we live in.

I collaborate with purpose-led brands, finding unexpected ways to tell their stories as I believe they're the brands everyone should know about. To date I have collaborated with UBER to tell their drivers dreams, with Nike to educate about the Girl Effect, and with Hutwoods to showcase their natural ingredients. If everyone I work with believes they’re making a positive impact, then together we can make a great difference and leave an enduring legacy.


I collaborate with progressive brands that have our wellbeing in mind, finding unexpected ways to tell their stories through creative thinking and crafted design.

Brand Creation / Identity Design / Packaging Design / Creative Campaigns / Brand Key Visuals / Branded Product Imagery / Brand Books / Look Books

Who I work with

I work with brands that make a positive difference to the lives we lead and the world we live in—however big or small, as I believe they're the brands everyone should know about. I enjoy collaborating with like-minded people, finding unique and memorable ways to get their brand noticed.

If you're a brand that is making a product, app, event or service that is re-thinking the way we do things and the impact this can have on our lives then please get in touch for a free chat to discuss how we can work together.


07305 088 728

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